Day 2: Water

Today had an early start. I got some sleep last night though, so I felt a lot better all around this morning and throughout the day.

Starting out with breakfast, the group then moved on to meetings discussing cultural changes and tips on essentially how to adjust in a new country. We were given some names to banks, phone companies, pharmacies, supermarkets etc. for all the best deals on things we may need in order to essentially start over here. Safety, insurance, and various other necessities were also covered. These meetings moved on until lunch, then one quick meeting where we were given our homestay packet. Luckily, I’ll get to return to Edinburgh for my weekend with my host family! After this meeting, we were set free for the rest of the day.

Another girl and I went around town to get a few necessities, for me, WATER. Ever since the traveling began I have been dreadfully dehydrated. Lips rosy, chapped and cracked, I have been in desperate need of water. As soon as we stepped out today, I went straight to buy a liter of water and drank it nearly as quickly as I had purchased it. That’s not to say I hadn’t been drinking any before then; I think I’ve perhaps had a pitcher at every meal since we’ve arrived here.

Chapstick was the next necessity, and I quickly found that as well to help expedite the healing process.

After I was comfortable enough to enjoy myself, we walked down the Royal Mile, stopping in gift shops along the way. We also stopped into a tavern near the bottom for and early dinner and a drink, before making our way back up the Royal Mile. I decided to save the touristy stuff for tomorrow when there is even more free time, but seeing some of the old architecture just walking today made me that much more excited for tomorrow. Be expecting more details and pictures in tomorrow’s post!

For now though, I’d like to get another full night’s rest so that I might take on all the things I’d like to do tomorrow.

As an ending anecdote however, after two nights of not knowing this, in desperate need of water, look what I found:


I feel both oblivious and thankful after finding a fridge stocked with a couple bottles of water and a tea kettle for coffee/hot chocolate. I enjoyed both before bed, and now I’m really ready for sleep. So goodnight!

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