Follow up

As promised, I’m catching you all up to speed on my second class today and my week last week.

Today’s course, ‘Unreformed Scotland: Older Scots Literature to 1560’ was introduced by a rather delightful professor. I am also relieved to find that this course includes a final exam worth only 30% of my final grade, compared to the 50% in my other class…It’s also funny how this class is made up of almost all American students, minus two. I’m looking forward to reading old Scottish literature by some of the greats, including two of St. Andrews very own: William Dunbar and Gavin Douglas. We’ll see how quickly I can catch on the original Scottish tongue, maybe add a little Texas twang as well.

Last week was the perfect setup to the beginning of a new term. It’s kind of a blur, simply because there were an infinite and continual number of events; it was just one thing to the next. Although this is my fourth year rather than my first year of uni, I couldn’t help but appreciate all that they do here for students during the famous ‘Freshers Week.’ As I may have mentioned previously, campus is the town and the town is campus. Naturally, every place in town, an academic building or not, was loaded with socials, tasters, deals and giveaways.

I went out a few times, danced another ceilidh and got to know my flatmates even better, along with a few neighbors! Did I mention I also tried my hand at quidditch? Yes, you heard me correctly, QUIDDITCH. Muggle quidditch, of course, but it was as real as it could get; I ran around on a broom and played the position of a beater. Pegging people with a kickball is more fun than I would have expected it to be…Also, might I point out the the snitch is a PERSON. I nearly peed my pants laughing when I saw the guy in highlighter-yellow attire running around, climbing trees and dodging the chasers aiming for the tennis ball attached behind him. Definitely the highlight of my day (haha, get it?).

This was only a fraction of the things I did this week, but I think the semester is off to a good start!

Now I must return to the one writer that so many of my English classes have turned to: Shakespeare.

IMG_3260Oh, Shakespeare, we meet again. Perhaps a new conversation will turn up this term!

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