Hello all.

So, I attended my homestay weekend this past Friday through Sunday…

To put it lightly, my experience wasn’t quite what I had expected or perhaps hoped it to be. The family was nice as well as accommodating enough, but my roommate and I were a little shocked with how much it simply seemed like an extra paycheck to them. I won’t go into details here, but I do hope that current and future host families have a genuine interest in the students looking forward to staying in their homes.

I’m past the weekend, however, and my week began with a running start. It seems that reading is all I do in my free time, which is something I am well-acquainted with. I just wasn’t expecting for my reading rate to have to exponentially increase so quickly! I think I’m reading more words per minute than I have in all three years of college thus far. I’m not complaining though, I like what I’m reading; everything has been new and unique. I might also add how fun it is to attempt to read aloud the texts of my old Scottish literature course…Yeah, it’s probably just as funny as what you’re picturing in your head.

In addition to all the reading, I am nonetheless enjoying my time here. I attended a reunion dinner just last night for my study abroad program. Whisky truly is as common as water here; I had a beef dish in a whisky peppercorn sauce and boy was it great. What’s even better is that it was a free meal! I mean, I’m sure it’s in the program cost somewhere, but I’d like to think of it as free. I also got to stay and visit for a bit with some fellow study abroad students of whom I haven’t seen in a couple weeks since dispersing across town.

On another note, I fear that I may have run into a bit of a problem…I think I may be a scone addict…First Starbucks, now scones. Good thing I invested in a gym membership. I’ve been using it everyday (thank goodness).

I’ll leave you with a funny story from yesterday––involving scones:

I walk into a little bakery called Gorgeous (I had already been there a couple times) and I notice they have a new type of scone in the display case near the window. They’re labeled as “sultana scones.” As I debate whether or not I should go for the classic scone or try something new, I ask the employee behind the bar, “what exactly is in a sultana scone?” To which he laughs and replies, “Well, sultanas!” [he laughs again] and proceeds to finish with, “I believe they’re called raisins in the States.” Needless to say, I rather embarrassingly chose to stick with a classic scone. I will more than likely also be finding a new bakery to go to…Typical Jordan moment.

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