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It’s funny how the films we watch have timely relevance to our lives. I suppose the books we read have the same effect. Perhaps that’s why I chose literature to study; I love reading and finding something that means more than a great text. A certain professor from home reminded me of this point just yesterday, of which I am thankful. It’s nice to be reminded that all my work is worthwhile.

In the past week I have watched two films that just so happened to be perfect stories for me to watch and take note of.

I watched Morning Glory this past weekend while doing laundry at midnight. It was a night that I really felt the need to give my brain a break and enjoy a bit of entertainment while I attempted to be productive in a way other than school. So, with clothes in the wash and a couple hours to go before they were dry, I opened Netflix and relaxed. As I was watching Morning Glory, I couldn’t help but feel an occasional pang of panic that that was me: the girl who worked endlessly, but never lived. I don’t want to be that girl––the one always looking to the next best thing, another thing to achieve, alone. I want to be the girl that loves what she does, but loves who she’s with more. I’m confident that I do in fact love who I’m with, but I do need to lessen my focus on being perfect in school. It’s possible to do well and excel at what you do, but it’s finding a balance and never crossing the line to venturing off in being too enveloped by work. You have to work in life, but life isn’t work. I understand that, and I love my loved ones more than anything, but I do need to lighten the load of pressure I tend to take upon myself.

The second film I watched, Up, I watched just last night. The moral of the story there, of course, is finding that “spirit of adventure”  no matter where you are; it doesn’t take seeing the world to have the world.

Before you begin thinking this is all too reminiscent of my previous “Clarity” post, let me say that it never hurts to be reminded of the important things twice.

I guess all I’m trying to say here is to consider the things you watch, read and listen to, and to find why it applies. It’s never coincidence that these things are showing up in your life at that specific time; here is always a greater meaning and a bigger purpose.

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