I’d like to share a slightly humorous and also self-reassessment-inducing trend I have come to notice about myself: I attract the elderly.

I’m not kidding.

It’s kind of sweet that older people feel some sort of magnetism towards me. It’s adorable, really; I think they’re some of the cutest people on earth. I don’t mind speaking to them––in fact, I rather enjoy it. I just find it funny that no matter where I am, I always end up sitting down somewhere and finding a sweet and wrinkled face before me. Twinkling eyes and a polite Scottish whisper have engaged me a few times since I’ve been here.

Something as simple as, “I think I’ll have a sit if you don’t mind, dear?” Or, “All the tables are full––could I share with you?” These are the conversation-starters that are hard to resist. I wouldn’t resist anyway, but to anyone else who may not be used to this phenomenon I have come to know well, it’s impossible to say no. I find it one of the most heartwarming things; out of all the people in the room, this person of age has chosen you to have faith to restore a little faith in more youthful generations.

I think sometimes that the elderly feel forgotten. I think they feel as though their time has come and gone and now time is slowly beginning to forget them altogether. That could very well be a generalization, and by no means am I saying that every elderly person views life this way, but I speak on behalf of all those so-called “miserable, lonely, cynical old people” we often hear about in stories or see portrayed in films. Regardless, I get it. I think that’s why I feel such a need to  somehow help an elder’s day, simply by connecting through conversation. Perhaps I do it to somehow prove that an older generation is not lost; just as history holds importance even in the present, there is a link between the elderly and the youthful.

Anyway, I do wonder sometimes what that says about me. It’s funny and thought-provoking at the same time; It’s just something to think about, I suppose.

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