Well weathered

Well, I’m sick again. It seems like it’s just one cold after another. This must be the third if not fourth time I’ve been sick since my arrival in the U.K. And I was finally beginning to think the fresh air was doing me some good…

Maybe it’s living in a new flat, maybe the silverware in the cafeteria isn’t cleaned spotless, or maybe my body is still recovering from a month of no sleep. Whatever the case may be, it’s incredible frustrating that I can’t stay healthy for more than ten days. But no matter, I’m still trying to stay well enough to do things.

This past Saturday I attended the Kate Kennedy Club Charity Opening Ball. I had to get out of the flat and do something! And I needed a break from working this week, obviously. For dinner beforehand, we went to Forgans (the same place that I experienced my first ceilidh). I noticed a wall this time around that I hadn’t noticed before: the world wall (photo above). I wrote my name and left it on the wall, right about where Texas is: IMG_3544

It was a nice reminder that I really do have to make the most of my time here, even when I’m a little under the weather. I have to pretend I’m well to be well. Besides, it doesn’t do any good to be cooped up inside, anyhow.

This upcoming weekend I’ll be heading to Inverness for a program trip! Naturally, I’m trying to get better as quickly as I can before then. Orange juice, peppermint tea and naps are all my best friends this week.

In the mean time, I do need to get some reading done so I can get to sleep. Have a good night and stay as well as you can!

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