I need space

I’d like to take a minute to vent about the very first tiff that happened today between me and my longterm love, Starbucks.

Today, as usual, I made my daily caffeine run at Starbucks. I typically go straight from class to get a coffee, sit, and get some work done for a couple hours until I need to hit the library to charge my computer (seeing as there are NO outlets) or head home to take a nap and pick up reading there. I typically wait and patiently at one of the barstools until a table clears so that I can spread out and work. Things were going as usual today until right after I had gotten my drink…

I began sipping on my everyday latte and reading my book. It wasn’t more than three pages into my reading that one of the baristas walked around the floor to announce to students sitting at tables that the lunch crowd is coming in. Confused as I was, she continued and kindly asked if single students sitting at tables would kindly move to a place at the bar. Why? Because Starbucks “loses customers” when people passing by see full tables.

Alright, allow me to go ahead and point out the faults in that argument.

First of all, I hardly think Starbucks can claim they are “losing customers” if the place is packed with people and space is sparse. They can’t be losing customers if there are already plenty of people who just paid to have a coffee, sit, and use the facilities as they wish.

Second of all, even if people passing by did look in and discover that Starbucks was crowded, that’s their own fault; either get there early or be patient enough to wait for a table like I and many others do on a day to day basis. On a further note, I’m not so sure why a passerby or a barista is really all that shocked that quarters are cramped…IT’S EUROPE. The cars are toy-like and roads are narrow, bathrooms are just big enough to fit a toilet, and for goodness’ sake, the Scottish expression of “what in the name of the wee man” explains it all. What makes a coffee shop any exception? Starbucks is small too. The fact of the matter is, that’s the way things are. Having people move from one side of the room to the other doesn’t allow for more space, it merely aggravates patient people who paid just like the latecomers walking in.

Well guess what, Starbucks, I need space from youNeedless to say, I packed up my things and left for the library. Might I note that I wasn’t the only noticeably annoyed student in Starbucks, but I wasn’t about to sit and be annoyed at the bar with the rest of them.

I’m over it, although it doesn’t sound like it, but it really is a pity that my longtime loyal provider off-put me so much as to nearly waste a perfectly good latte (I didn’t, let’s just be clear).

Anyways, I hope you people back home are enjoying and appreciating you spacious Starbucks back home.

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