Inverness: Day 2

Saturday, October 12

Today was another incredible day. My heart was warmed in more ways than one between visiting the Culloden Battlefield and a local family’s sheep dog farm.

Culloden was essential to see, I feel. It was eerily quiet out there on the field itself, serving as a reminder to all who were lost in the Battle of Culloden centuries ago. Stones engraved with the names of family clans sat heavily upon the ground, marking the graves of noble Scots that fought in the battle.

This sight was definitely a more somber stop than Friday’s, but moving nonetheless. As I might have mentioned before in respect to the war memorial within Edinburgh Castle, I felt strongly for the Scots though I am not a Scot myself. I think that’s the beauty of Scotland; you want to root for the land of the thistle––the tough one that emerges from the dirt despite whatever forces may try and weaken it, and perhaps sometimes those forces succeed. No matter, the thistle always returns with just as much force as before.


The rest of the day was lightened with nothing less than the best: PUPPIES. If you can’t tell from my photo at the top of the post, I was ecstatic to hold a dog again. I miss my bulldog, Bella, so much. Holding these puppies sure did help though!

Of course, the puppies made my entire day, but I had to appreciate the older dogs of the farm. Those dogs are in their prime. It was fascinating to see how intelligent and not to mention obedient these dogs were. The dogs were as quick as the commands would shift, and herded the sheep with a force that was almost difficult to fathom.

How does one animal lead another of a different kind? How can beast have the same if not more intuition than man?

Speaking more on intuition, the kids of the shepherd seemed equally intuitive. It was both admirable and adorable to watch the wee ones watch their elders. Take a look at this cute blond-haired, rosy-cheeked, welly-wearing tot:


The sheep dog farm was definitely the perfect way to end the day.

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