It seems that much of this past week has been spent sleeping. This is funny considering the fact that the clocks just turned back one hour only a week ago. You’d think I’d be more rested, no? Apparently not.

Maybe it’s the fact that the daylight is decreasing and the temperature outside is continuing to lower, but it seems that I could spend the day in bed. If only there was time!

As I mentioned, November will be my busiest month. So I better sleep while I can (for a reasonable amount of time). Today I hit the library, however, and will be spending as much time as needed in order to finish another quarter of my play project…oy vey.

The one thing I am thankful for is the fact that I’m at least sleeping nowadays. If I were to compare this week to my first month here, I’d have to say I’m thankful to be oversleeping than hardly sleeping at all. My sleep has been quite odd the past few days, however, particularly because of my dreams.

I find dreams such a fascinating concept, and I often wish I could study them more intensively in a psychology class. In fact, I sometimes wish I would have studied psychology alongside English. I understand now why so many English majors do both. Yet, my time at university is nearly out, so I’m on the path that I am and that is that. Regardless, I often wonder what my dreams mean. I think perhaps this week my dreams have all centered around one thing: home.

Just yesterday, the exam timetable was released and I found out the exciting news that I will be coming home a week earlier than expected! No matter how much I have come to love Scotland, home is the one place I will love more than anything––both waking and sleeping.

With a mind that is now well-rested, I am off to the library for the day! I just thought I’d take a moment to share something that has been on my mind.

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