Recently Obsessed

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Within the past couple of weeks I have become obsessed (or re-obsessed) with a a list of things:

1) “The Mindy Project”

My flatmate, Carly, got me hooked on this show. I’ve heard of it before, but I never bothered to watch it. I don’t watch much T.V. as it is, so I never thought to pick up a new show. However, this show is totally worth it. Mindy Kaling is my new Chelsea Handler. Well, I still love Chelsea Handler, but Mindy is up in the ranks with Chelsea now.

I like the show because its episodes are short, therefore, I don’t feel guilty watching a couple (or a few) in a row. I also like it because it’s not a show that requires too much background or close following; you can watch practically any episode and understand the story. Besides, it’s kind of fun to see her as a different character from Kelly in “The Office.”

Just as I did after discovering Chelsea Handler, I will be sure to read books by Mindy Kaling.

2) Chris Lilley’s  “Ja’mie: Private School Girl”

If you don’t know who chris Lilley is, Google him. Seriously, do it.

This guy is hilarious. Essentially, he is an Australian comedian and T.V. producer. He plays a variety of different characters, varying anywhere from “Mr. G,” a drama teacher, to “Ja’mie King,” a private school girl, both of which are featured on the mockumentary series, “Summer Heights High.” Ja’mie recently received “her” own spinoff T.V. show.

Be warned: if you are not a fan of Chelsea Handler, are easily offended or may be weirded out by the perhaps strange setup of this show, I recommend not watching Ja’mie. On the other hand, if you have an open mind and broad sense of humor, I recommend following Ja’mie King around Hillford Girls Grammar School.

Chris Lilley has a talent for nailing the types of characters he seeks to portray, in my opinion. Needless to say, I’ll be keeping up with Ja’mie this semester.

3) Starbucks Christmas Blend

This is a re-obsession. I apologize that I write so much about Starbucks, but if you know me well, you understand that I’m a relentless caffeine connoisseur. Starbucks Christmas Blend gets better and better every year. It is also one of the few actual coffee blends I really enjoy drinking from Starbucks straight.

4) Scarves

This one is new.

I never really understood first-hand the utility of a good scarf. As soon as the weather cools and J. Crew premieres its warmest wools, their bright neons, jewel-tones and rather decorative prints make them more of a fashion statement than what their advertised as. If you know me well then you’ll know how much I love J. Crew, but I have to say, all I need here is something warm. A versatile color and a thickness that qualifies utility is all I ask for in a scarf nowadays. Scarves really do make a difference in this wind, and I have found a new appreciation for their function.

Honestly, if I could wear a ski mask for my face without looking like a psychopath, I would. I’ll stick to scarves, though.

5) Pinterest

Another re-obsession. Pinterest really is great, though.

I’ve recently been pinning lots of stationary that I adore, along with items I could definitely put on a holiday wish list…but I won’t. This semester is definitely a gift in and of itself.

Just thought I’d fill you in on some recent things on my favorites list. I encourage everyone to make a list of your own and get a laugh out of what you might find that you prioritize.

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