That time when…

It’s that time again. Yep, you know it, students.

It’s the time of year when my “Hermione hair” is unmasked for all its natural glory. No more time to tame it in the mornings due to late hours staring at a computer screen and drinking caffeine just to keep my eyes open.

On that note, it’s the time when I raid the vending machine…a thing I usually never do. I don’t go all out or anything, but let’s be honest, not a single thing in the vending machine is all that healthy.

Only to add to it, it’s the time when the gym seems like a longer walk than usual and the place where an hour that doesn’t seem to exist is lost.

It’s the time when I begin chasing the daylight hours in fear of what calls me as soon as night falls: my bed. It’s the best and worst place to be when there are so many things to get done at the desk.

It’s the time when I think ahead instead of about the present, and waste time daydreaming about scenarios that probably won’t even occur over the break.

It’s also the time when I relinquish all social media accounts to either a trusted friend or I temporarily ban myself from it…it was probably a poor decision for me to have actually started tweeting…

Anyways, it’s that time of year. Final papers and end-of-term exams are just about here, and they are approaching quickly.

I suppose it’s time to finish my drink, put on some sweats and reserve myself a carrel in the library.

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