Dublin: my weekend

As promised, a detailed description of my weekend in Dublin is today’s post (a day late, I know).

This past Thursday, I flew into Dublin with my friend, Dalton, who is also in the study abroad program.

For a little bit of background behind the trip, I had had this weekend planned in my head since I arrived in Scotland. There’s something about Dublin that was calling my name. It’s hard to describe, but I had this persistent and powerful feeling of need to see the city of Dublin. I think part of it is rooted in the fact that I have always wanted to visit Ireland. Again, I’m not sure why exactly, but I knew in my heart and in my mind there was a reason that I needed to. This weekend exceeded the incredibly high expectations I had flying in.

Once we arrived and stepped out into the night air just outside the airport, my heart fluttered with excitement. My heart warmed and flooded with a surging sense of happiness as we drove inward toward the city itself. I was so thankful to be back in a city again.

We checked into the hotel then walked off into the city to find a way to spend our first evening in Dublin. We walked down Grafton Street, which is the main shopping hub. There’s everything from H&M to Chanel. We made our way onward, taking in the Christmas lights strewn above our heads the whole way down the street.

We ended up at just two places that night, one of which was a place called the Porter House. This place is so amazing that we ended up returning there again the next night. Imagine a three-story pub with live music every single night, and a beer menu that folds out into practically a map. The drinks were great, the vibe was lively and it quickly became a place in Dublin that I now consider a favorite.

On Friday, Dalton and I took our time walking around Dublin pretty aimlessly, ina good way. She would point in one direction and I would follow. On the next street, I would point in one direction, and she would follow. So on and so on. We ended up coming upon some pretty spectacular places in this way. St Augustine’s church was one place we happened upon, and it was beautiful. We also visited Trinity College, where I absolutely could not shut up about how special the campus was. It’s not often you come across a city university that maintains its own without becoming a part of the city. If I hadn’t chosen St Andrews, Trinity College might have been a close second now that I’ve seen it.

That night, we grabbed sushi then spent another night out on the town. We got lost for about 40 minutes trying to get back to the area we were before: the Temple Bar area. Luckily, we found it, after contradicting directions from locals. Funny enough, the Temple Bar area was just around the corner from our hotel…of course. Nonetheless, we popped by the Temple Bar itself, and made our way back to the Porter House from the night before.

Saturday was spent primarily at the Guinness Brewery and Storehouse. This was a pretty iconic stop, and we spent our time there well (three hours). Regretfully, we weren’t able to make it to the Jameson distillery afterwards, which I had really wanted to see. Time just did not allow for it on our last full day, but no matter, because I’ll be going back there someday.

As I mentioned, Dublin exceeded my expectations. It was even better, even brighter and even more fulfilling than I could have hoped for. I went on instinct, and I’ll be returning based on need, someday.

Dublin, you’re a beautiful, and you caught my eye. Ireland, I’d like to get to know you even more.

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