A something.

I may not be “grade A material” here at St Andrews.  I may not be the best or the brightest on paper, in comments or in the eyes of my peers or professors. However, I am something. A something.

My grades have not reflected quite the amount of work I have put into readings and preparations for class discussions, or the days and at one point, weeks I have spent on essays. Despite that fact, I’d like to think that there is something behind all that work that is worth more than a handwritten A on paper. I’s like to think that I am worth a lot more than that. I mean more than that.

I am not trying to sound conceited. I don’t want to argue my grades and ask for one higher than what I have received. I don’t want to try and justify why my words and ideas are important. All I’d like to say is that I simply don’t care if people don’t like what I put into writing. Honestly, I say what I want to say and write only on what I believe to be true. Whether readers agree––colleagues, professors or the general public.

Whether it be an essay, a blog post or whatever other form of writing I end up getting myself into, I refuse to write about something that I disagree with. It has cost me in the past once or twice, but I really don’t regret it. That something I do write about is worth something to me. Of course, I’d hope that one day my something is worth something to someone, but for now, I only have my own heart to go off of.

Just thought I’d share my realization for the day.

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